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Hands-On With The Breva Genie Collection - Mechanical Smart WatchesAlthough our focus is on affordable mechanical replica watches, we from time to time zoom in on replica watches that happen to be either very special or plain beautiful. In such a case, it truly is both. We've got to admit that people didn't make it to check this out relatively brand called Breva during last year's Baselworld, but we wanted for making up because of it in 2010 at least. So we had the opportunity to think about last year's introduced Breva Genie 01 and this also year's introduction of the Breva Genie 02.The title want to know , is one with a wink, as it is the Genie collection as being mechanical Smart Watches. Not your digital Smart Watch which has been recently discussed here by Prof. Dr. Jan Adriaanse, but a mechanical watch that is able to work being a real instrument just like a barometer and also a altimeter. Pointless? Perhaps, but so is reading time from your mechanical watch you might need the main topic of discussion. No, we enjoy watch brands for picking out original ideas and - keep in mind - our main interest lies into the execution of those a timepiece. Truth being told, it was quite refreshing to determine a haute horlogerie watch manufacturer discovering something different when compared to a tourbillon. Or two.With great precision, Breva is able to do a weather forecast using the Genie 01 and show altitude as much as 5,000 meters (with all the Genie 01 and 02). The Genie 02 utilizes a similar principle of measuring air pressure to help you show the altitude, but based on Breva to some more precise level than the Genie 01.The Breva Genie 01 (we got hands-on while using 4N pink gold version) is definitely an awesome bit of machinery that has been developed with the help of by Jean-Francois Mojon/ Chronode. He again did exactly the same with the Genie 02 (we got hands-on using the Terre model, crafted of G5 titanium). Both models have a crown at 4 o'clock that rotates 90 degrees to lock and unlock an air valve. This valve is needed to permit a little part of air inside the movement (or allow it out) to equalize air pressure in the case with the exterior air pressure. A red indicator within the dial marked 'SEALED' warns if the valve is open.The screw down crown at 2 o'clock is needed to rotate both the altitude's precision-scale and large-scale to for variations in air pressure, which affect altitude readings. Setting time has down while using crown at 4 o'clock. replica about rolex watches In the Genie 01, Breva uses an anaerobic barometer, by which a number aneroid capsules (aneroid means 'without air') expand/contract with changing air pressure. The barometer and altimeter (air pressure changes with altitude and weather) measure air pressure with two small aneroid capsules stacked one over the other - the top one being clearly visible on the dial side at 5 o'clock. The aneroid capsules inside Genie 01 were especially created to Breva's specifications to optimise their precision and employ within a wristwatch. The capsules are made of a unique non-magnetic memory-metal (Breva patented invention), that's lighter and stronger than aluminium and it has twice the ductility of steel. The capsules are exposed for extended durations to hot temperature and pure oxygen enhance thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance.The Genie 02 is a little different from the Genie 01 in that respect though, as its aneroid capsules were developed designed for registering air pressure for altitude readings in lieu of barometric pressure, and are also dissimilar to those suited for the Genie 01. replica ceramic watches As you can observe, the movements are most often identical, even so the movement from the Genie 01 is a little smaller (36mm diameter rather than 38,1mm) and includes 405 components rather than 415 inside the Genie 02.Specifications of the Breva Genie 01:Functions: hours, minutes, small second, altitude indicator, barometric pressure indicator, power reserve indicator, air pressure equaliser, equaliser seal indicator, barometric scale adjuster, altitude scale adjuster.Case, dial and strap: Case material: accessible in white gold or platinum (55 pieces) or 4N pink gold (55 pieces) Dimensions: 44.7 mm x 15 fake watches .6 mm Quantity of components: 70 Winding setting crown at 9 o'clock, altitude and barometric pressure adjuster at 2 o'clock (altitude inner pusher, barometer exterior ring), air pressure equaliser at 4 o'clock Crystals: sapphire crystal and display back helped by anti-reflective coating on sides Dial: smoked sapphire with galvanic growth text, numbers and markers Altitude scale: easily obtainable in metric or imperial measurements Strap: hand stitched alligator strap with folding buckle to match the situation material Water proof: 30m Air equaliser with moisture-resisting osmosis membrane Teflon fabric around a titanium rimMovement: Proprietary movement developed exclusively for Breva by Jean-Francois Mojon/ Chronode Diameter: 36mm Quantity of components: 405 Variety of jewels: 46 Balance frequency: 4 Hz Dual anaerobic capsules measuring air pressure Power reserve: 65 hoursSpecifications on the Breva Genie 02:Functions: hours, minutes, small second, large-scale altitude indicator, precision-scale altitude indicator, power reserve indicator, air pressure valve, equalizer seal indicator, altitude scale adjuster.Case, dial and strap: Case material: titanium G5, with altitude calibrated in either meters or feet Dimensions: 44.70 mm x 16.10 mm Volume of components: 88 Crowns: winding setting crown at 9 o'clock, altitude adjuster at 2 o'clock, air valve at 4 o'clock Crystals: sapphire crystal and display back cured with anti-reflective coating on both sides Dials: Grained and galvanically-treated Nickel silver, indexes and numbers in three-dimensional Super-LumiNova Altitude scales: easily obtainable in metric (meters) or imperial (feet) measurements Water proof: 30m Air valve with Teflon moisture-resisting osmosis membrane Strap and buckle: natural rubber strap with titanium tang buckleMovement: Proprietary movement developed mainly for Breva by Jean-Francois Mojon/Chronode Diameter: 38.10 mm Number of components: 415 Amount of jewels: 45 Balance frequency: 4 Hz Dual aneroid capsules specifically created to derive altitude from air pressure Power reserve: 65 hoursPrices for that Genie 01 start at CHF 150,000 Swiss Francs, with regards to the material of preference as well as the Genie 02 has a CHF 120,000 Swiss Francs cost.More info can be obtained around the official Breva website. replica breitling seawolf steel watches
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